Pahokee Water Control District


General Information

Full Legal Name: Pahokee Water Control District
Public Purpose: Providing a necessary outlet for the drainage of the East Beach Water Control District, formerly the West Unit of the Pahokee Water Control District, and the disposal of the same by gravity into the West Palm Beach Canal.
Boundaries: Commencing at the northwest corner of Section Fifteen (15), Township  Forty-two (42) South, Range Thirty-seven (37) East, and running thence  southerly and along the West Section Line of said Section to the Southwest corner of said Section Fifteen (15), which is also the Northeast  corner of Section Twenty-one (21) same Township and Range; thence  westerly along the north line of said Section Twenty-one (21) to the  northwest corner of said Section, which is also the northeast corner of Section Twenty (20), same Township and Range; thence southerly and along the lines dividing the aforesaid Sections Twenty-one (21) and  Twenty (20), and continuing in the same line which divides Sections  Twenty-eight (28) and Twenty-nine (29), and Thirty-three (33) and Thirty-two (32), same Township and Range, to the southerly line of said  Township Forty-two (42) South; thence due East along said Township  line to the Palm Beach Canal; thence following the West bank of said  Palm Beach Canal in a northwesterly direction to the section line dividing Sections 12 and 13, Township 42, Range 37; thence West along said  section line to the Northwest corner of Section 15, Township 42, Range  37, the point of beginning.
Services Provided: Acquire and maintain a right-of-way 100 feet wide, necessary for the canal and spoil bank, which will constitute the outlet, and provide in connection with said outlet drainage canal whatever flood gates may be necessary, sluices, and other works pertinent.
Creation Documents: Chapter 2000-449, Laws of Florida
Statutory Authority: Chapter 298, Florida Statutes
Date Established: February 5, 1923
?Establishing Entity: Legislature

Contact Information

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 969, Belle Glade, FL 33430
Telephone: (561) 996-2940
Fax: (561) 996-2960
?Registered Agent: David R. Davis, P.O. Box 969, Belle Glade, FL 33430

Governing Body Members

Kenneth McDuffie, President
P.O. Box 969
Belle Glade, FL 33430
Term: 3 years

William Sanchez, Supervisor
P.O. Box 969
Belle Glade, FL 33430
Term: 3 years

Jerome Redish, Secretary/Treasurer
P.O. Box 969
Belle Glade, FL 33430
Term: 3 years

Manager: David R. Davis
Engineer: Karen Brandon, P.E.
General Counsel: Charles F. Schoech, Esq.

Board Meetings


Revenue Information

Financial Information

Proposed Budget Hearing: Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 9:15 A.M., 2832 N. Main Street, Belle Glade, FL 33430
Adopt Budget Hearing: Wednesday, August 21, 2024, 9:15 A.M., 2832 N. Main Street, Belle Glade, FL 33430
Fiscal Year Period: October 1 to September 30
Annual Financial Report
Audit Report